Saturday, March 31, 2007

IBM Building Video Viewer for Blinds

IBM Research Lab Tokyo has developed a multimedia browser for people with visual impairments. The browser codenamed as the Accessibility Browser or A-Browser is a creation of Dr Chieko Asakawa, a blind employee at IBM's research laboratory in Tokyo.

The browser will give the blind and partially sighted people an ability to control the audio and video content in the way normal sighted people do with the help of a mouse.

The browser will be launched later this year. IBM plans to make it an open source software so that maximum number of people can use the same. The number of such people who stand to benefit from this browser are estimated at 160 mn.

IBM has always been doing a lot of work in terms of accessibility and this surely is a big breakthrough. IBM's Accessibility Center is the group dedicated to working on accessibility for people with disabilities, so that more and more people can use IT related products.

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Sandip said...

Really nice. Social responsibility using technology. 160 MN!! Perhaps a bit business angle too. :-)