Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dreamzhunt: Indian Y Combinator

Y Combinator now has its Indian counterpart, Dreamz Hunt. If you have any idea in the fields of Web 2.0, Niche Social Networks, Mobile, Business Intelligence and Smart PC tools, you can submit your idea in Dreamz Hunt. The Top 3 ideas will get seed funding from SGS Technologies, Chennai.

The process for selection is divided in three phases:

1. Pre Screening - Where the ideas will be filtered by the team from SSG.

2. Voting - This will depend on how you choose to submit your idea. The ideas submitted as "Public" will be voted for both by the public and internal panel. The "Confidential" ideas will be voted upon by the internal team only.

3. The Finals - The Final event will be held in Chennai. Top 10 entries will get an opportunity to present their ideas to the team of experts from which 3 will be chosen for funding.

So go ahead and get funding for your dream project by clicking here.

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