Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Google Gets More Mobile

Google has made more advances in its mobile segment with the two recent announcements.

Firstly, LG has announced that it will pre-load all the handsets with Google Apps including Gmail, Blogger and Google Maps and one click access to Google Search starting second quarter of 2007. LG also announced that it will launch 10 new handsets with Google functions. Google also has a similar agreement with Samsung, an LG rival.

The second announcement comes from YouTube, a Google network site, which has announced that it will launch its mobile website for U.S. users in the second half of 2007.

These two announcements prove how hot the mobile market is for web applications and shows Google's efforts in making a lead in the same. The direct competitor for Google in this segment is Yahoo with its OneSearch and the newly launched mobile ad network. Moreover, Yahoo also has similar deals with bith LG and Samsung.

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