Monday, March 19, 2007

GrandCentral: Free Service But Not Really 2.0ish

GrandCentral, the service which provides you with one phone number that you can use for all your phones, has created a lot of hype recently with lot of people covering it including Tim O'Reilly. Tim has termed it as the Web 2.0 Address Book in making.

With all its cool features, I really appreciate some of them, i don't think that it is a Web 2.0 application. Yes, I would have called it a Web 2.0 application, if just making a widget to be put on the website can be termed as Web 2.0. Another seemingly Web 2.0 aspect about GrandCentral is that it is free but where is the 2.0ish address book.

Let's see some of the features (disadvantages as some people put it) which GrandCentral provides.

1. One phone number for all your phones so that you can take calls anywhere (remember you become accessible to everyone anytime)
2. Switch a call seamlessly between any of your phones (I don't understand why would someone do that)
3. Centralized Inbox for all your voicemails which really is a good feature.
4. Phone Spam filtering for all those telemarketing calls which you are annoyed of. Use it and your phone won't even ring when they call up. Even can choose to tell them that your number is not in service. This is a great one!
5. Other features like, customized greeting for every number, ability to upload MP3 for your callers to listen instead of normal ringing tone and one-click call recording.

Oh I missed out on one....a widget to put on your blog or web site so that anyone can call you.

Does any of you think that it is Web 2.0 application.

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