Monday, March 19, 2007

AIM Users Can Now See Where Their Buddies Are!

AOL has launched a new plug-in for AIM users which will help them see the physical location of the people on their buddy list.

This plug-in is available free for downloading and once installed, it creates a new Group in AIM buddy list named "Near Me". This group shows the location for people who are using a Wi-Fi enabled computer and choose to share their location. The people who do not have Wi-Fi enabled computers can enter their location manually.

The plug-in has been developed by Skykook wireless which tracks the location of a system through Wi-Fi transmitters and Wi-Fi enabled computers. Currently, it is only available for use on a computer and not mobile version of AIM.

Marcien Jenckes, who heads the AIM business, has commented that it is first of the location based services to be launched during this year.

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