Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MySpace Vulnerable: Hackers Plan "Month of MySpace Bugs"

MySpace, as per InfoWorld recent report, will be the playground for hackers in the next month who plan to disclose one security vulnerability every day during April.

The project has been named as "MySpace Month of Bugs" which follows the tradition of Apple, PHP, Kernel and Browser month of bugs.

Two hackers named Mondo Armando and Müstaschio plan to publish cross site scripting which will allow them to execute malicious codes in the user's browsers.

Apart from MySpace, this is a kind of threat for one of the most cherished features of Web 2.0 i.e. users' ability to upload their own content. This ability also provides hackers a freedom to upload any kind of malicious codes on the website creating security threats.

Let's see how MySpace plans to tackle this threat.

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