Friday, March 23, 2007

HotEnough.Org: Dating Site Only For Good Looking

Hot Enough is a new dating network with a very unique niche, dating for attractive and the most beautiful. Only good looking and attractive people can join the site which uses a pre-screening and member voting method to allow entry in the network.

Just see what all you have to do to join the network of the most attractive people:
1. Sign up free with three photograph with one full length photo at least.
2. You will then be assessed by the site administrators. If you get approved you are in...only as a prospective member.
3. Now comes the voting part. Active members vote on your profile and only when you get 25 votes with an average rating of 8 or above, you become an active member.

Is it really worth for a user to go through this long process? If you trust what the site claims then definitely yes. They claim to get you the most suitable match with their unique and well managed voting process so that you get only those people who are compatible to your style. This concept seems to have been developed on Hot or Not model.

As the good things don't come for free, so you only get to contact those good looking people after paying $9.95 per month.

If you think you are Hot Enough, do give it a try and have a great time.

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