Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yahoo! To Join The Video Sharing Race

Yahoo will roll out video sharing within the Yahoo site in the next six months. Terry Semel made this announcement during the AdAge's 360 Degree Media Conference and said that the future of online video is not just clips.

On the burning issue of copyright violation in the video sharing space he said that Yahoo will keep maintaining its high regard for honoring copyright. He gave an example of Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt clipping which did not appear on Yahoo before they took permission from FIFA even though Yahoo was their official partner.

Full points to Yahoo on this from me. I think this is the way that a video sharing service should operate; respecting the copyright laws. But it raises another question i.e. how do they plan to stop users from uploading non-licensed material. YouTube has not been able to do it yet. Certainly has the ability to remove the copyright material from their site but even that is difficult for them to do simply because of the number of such clippings.

Is there a specific method which they will adopt to prevent such clippings to be uploaded on Yahoo network?


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